preview screening of ‘The Heart of Amilcar Cabral’

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preview screening of ‘The Heart of Amilcar Cabral’

Los Angeles, CA – March 22, 2018 - Txan Film, an award-winning independent film, and visual art production company, dedicated to responsible and culturally relevant productions, representing the Pan-African Diaspora, announces the preview screening of ‘The Heart of Amilcar Cabral’ the latest film produced and directed by first multi-award winning filmmaker of Cabo Verde, Guenny K. Pires. 

‘The Heart of Amilcar Cabral’ (THOAC) is a 58-minute feature film that narrates the struggle for independence of the Republic of Cape Verde, Guine Bissau and all Portuguese’s speaking countries, including East Timor and Macau, against the retrograde Portuguese colonialism system. It chronicles the director’s personal journey, through 11 countries, between the West Coast of Africa, Europe and the East Coast of the Americas, particularly Angola, Cape Verde, Cuba, East Timor, Guine Bissau, Guine Conakry, Holland, Portugal, Senegal, Russian, and United States, in search of truth on Cabral’s heart and his political and struggle’s journey.

A preview screening The Heart of Amilcar Cabral’ (THOAC) by Guenny K. Pires, will be held on March 24th of 2018 at Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) 2845 West 7th St. Los Angeles, CA 90005 @ 9 pmThe event includes Q&A, reception, Equinox Concert, and dinner with award-winning director Guenny K. Pires. For more information please visit

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