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Minister Lee Rice

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“The Michelangelo & Rembrandt of Gospel Music” – By God’s Grace Painting a Spiritual Picture through Song

"I can do all things through Christ which Strengtheneth Me." Philippians 4:13 (KJV)

Minister Lee Rice accepted Christ at 7 years old.  He is a Mississippian and the youngest of seven children. He answered the call of ministry from God in 2004.  He has truly been on the move for the Lord, Spreading the Gospel of Jesus the Christ through his gospel music.  He is one who loves the Lord and doing his best because God gave us Heaven’s Best – Jesus the Christ.

​Minister Lee Rice wanted to further his knowledge in biblical understanding, teaching and principles he attended an accredited institution; Sterling College. Through his academic achievements he was blessed to be on the Dean’s List several times and graduated Suma Kulati / High Honor receiving his Theological Degree in Religion and Philosophical Study of the Bible.

Gospel Recording Artist: Minister Lee Rice has been blessed by allowing the Lord to use him.  International Gospel Recording Artist | Gospel Image Awards Winner | Black Essence Grammy 2 Time Awards Winner | Nominated for the People Choice Award | Appeared on Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel (BET) | International Televised Gospel Program - Televised in over 60 countries | The Word Network | The Vision Network | All Nations T.V.  - Tyler, TX. | WTWG 1050 AM Worldwide Radio – Columbus, MS. | KHWH Gospel Worldwide Radio - Crockett, TX. | Centertainment Radio World Wide – Dallas, TX. | The Shirley Ann Worldwide Network - VA. | Bless Way Worldwide Radio - MI.

Special Thanks to Navele Davis @ Nav's Recording Studio - Tacoma, WA. 



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One Of These Old Days (Radio Track)

One Of These Old Days (Radio Track)

album: Minister Lee Rice

genre: New Sound of Gospel, Gospel Music, Contemporary Gospel, Traditional Gospel

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07/03/18 05:55:23AM @salvadordummer:

I think that these old days are back and poepel can do a lot of write my lab report on it. All they need to know about is how to deal with it and how can they know what they want from it.

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